Big dream

Silently I sit

And contemplate on peace,

Non violently I act

As I implore and actively beseech,

Humanity to look around

And if it’s happy with what it sees,

A world of such destruction

I guess what we sow we reap.

But somewhere in the darkest hours

I still can see the light,

I still believe if we stand up

And do just what is right,

We can turn it all around 

And make this world a better place,

One of unconditional love

Instead of greedy, violent, hate.

I can’t give up on humanity 

So I meditate on this,

Hope that we can discover a way

To global harmony and bliss

And yes this may seem to far fetched,

Call me deluded and unrealistic,

I still think as a dream

I doesn’t get better than this

And we need a lot more dreams

And a lot less of those who are cynics,

We have to pull together

To create a better world for us 

And everything in it

And if we give up on dreaming big 

Then whats the point of living,

I hope you all will join me

And believe that it’s all about giving

And offering a hand to those who only find despair,

A chance for all humanity to show how much it cares.


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