Knowledge is contagious


Let us all become infected by the contagion of knowledge,

not the one that you are spoon fed with but you only find

when you open up yourself to conscious reality of mind

and cast aside the illusory that leaves us all quite blind,

to the things that are really going, on all around our world,

hidden by the governments with they greedy hands curled,

grasping on to power and wealth with all their desperate might,

hidden away from plain view, hidden out of sight.

Knowledge is truly power and we should all want some of this

if you don’t think something is right, always question it,

all of the conscious thinkers are called conspiracy theorists,

but I’d rather wear this label that sleep walk through this life in which we exist,

there are so many wrongs out there and injustices,

that we need to unify ourselves and start correcting this,

by piling pressure on the wrong doers and those who seek simply to destroy,

we must use our new gained knowledge as an intellectual ploy,

to change this world and ensure it’s a far better place to be

a world where there is a brighter future for everyone to see.


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