I dwell in starfields in melancholy

Drifting aimlessly considering the folly,

Of a life long lived in universal dreams

Looking for our true reality

And searching for the answers

To the major questions of our life,

Hoping to one day find the light,

Within galaxies and far off places

We have travelled this cosmos for ages,

Witnessing colours that cross the spectrum supreme,

In vivid transluscence like an iridescent scene,

We are pilgrims on a voyage to find our true being,

In a hope that one day we will be seeing

Our spiritual home in which we never stopped believing.


2 thoughts on “Pilgrims

  1. Dear friend

    When our yearning for real spiritual home is increasing more and more, when at the same time our passion for this world with all its games and pleasures therein diminishes – as we are in this world, but not from this world – God Himself will makes arrangements to quide us home… but since ages upon ages we are on our way, unfortunately still in the clutches of our own mind and play the game as our mind wants it…

    Have a great weekend

    Liked by 1 person

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