Monsters under the bed

People fear monsters under their beds

but there are none there

for they are in their heads,

they worry about the demons that may seek them out

but the demons are within us of that there is no doubt

but the monsters and the demons are placed their by others

through domesticated programming by their Father/Mother,

re-enforced by schools and religion and the state

they often are distractions taking us from a state of grace

and formulate within us in a state of fear

and understanding this can be far from clear.

So to exorcise these monster and the demons from within

we need to practice some mind stilling

and through our meditation start the healing

and understand that all this comes from external brainwashing,

question everything your told,

especially if it doesn’t fit,

always be alert to this form of conditioning

and you will purge these monsters and demons not just for a short time

but hopefully they will be purged for the rest of your life.


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