He was the man

I remember back in the day

Things being different

But now have changed

We used have the Corona man,

Bringing fizzy drinks to our door

With a whole spectrum of flavours for sure,

Thank you Corona man Stan,

Though not sure that was his name

I will go with it all the same.

Then we used to have the grocer man

Who I think may have been called Stan,

Bringing fruit and veg and more

Around our street to our door,

We used to say mum said ‘put it on the tab’

He would smile, nod because people back then weren’t bad,

Then there was the paraffin man

The pink panther, or was it Stan,

He brought fuel to our doors 

To warm us all indoors,

Then of course there was the candy floss man

I could be wrong but was he also called Stan?

He brought candy floss to our door

As kids he was adored.

Finally there the was the coal man

Who brought coal to our doors,

I am trying to remember his name,
Oh yeah I remember, the coal man 

and his name surprisingly was Bill, or was it Stan?

But then everything then changed

Supermarkets chased them all away,

Offering good at a fraction of the cost

Mind you in half the time it rots

And more than any other time today

I wish these people still visited our way

But the truth is it’s a different age

And people want more today.

Where veg was seasonal

We expect it all year round

Our demands and all our so called needs,

Exceeded only by our greed

Back in the day we had communities

Now we just have broken societies,

Because not all change is for the good

And I’d go back to old days if I could.


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