Heal our planet

We need to heal our planet,

We need to heal this Earth,

We need to nurture nature

And show it, it’s full worth,

It’s a home that has sustained us

A place that helped us grow,

This is the only place that we know as home,

We need to stop the pesticides from poisoning the air,

We need to stop Monsanto who just don’t seem to care,

Greed before need that always seems the way,

We have to find other answers to Earth’s decay.

We cannot continue with the cutting down of so many trees,

Protect the rainforests from man’s greed,

We need to find a way to protect our seas

Stop the over fishing and destruction of the reefs.

We have to find some answers to redress the balance,

Stop the crazy ideas of money making, like fracking

This Earth should not be seen as something 

Soley here for  mans exploitation,

It’s here to help nourish us along with other species,

So let’s not destroy with our ignorance and greed,

Let’s work to protect it and make it a better place to live.


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