Corporate system, systemic hate 

Corporate system,

Systemic hate,

Living life in xenophobic ways,

Fearing everything we don’t understand,

Destroying and exploiting air, sea and land

And corruption rules everywhere

And it seems we are seen as crazy because we care,

But I’d rather be crazy than be scared,

By the fake stories governments and media leak,

All in order to control you and me,

As they rob us of our privacy,

As they rob us of our liberty 

And while you sit back in passivity,

The rest of will shout it out publicly,

To expose the system

And to expose the lies,

Because we are navigating into dangerous times

And we need to steer a new course,

So we have to bring about a change 

And stand against the full force,

Of the governmental and media lies,

That will try to block these changes every time.


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