Create or destroy

I create, but I guess that just me,

I create because I guess, I believe,

that there is something more

wholesome and good,

in doing something, I feel that I should,

yet I see around it’s not the same for all,

some decide to heed destruction’s call,

I’d rather use my imagination to create,

then my anger to destroy out of hate,

I’d rather create out of positivity,

then destroy negatively.

I create light,

I create truth,

I create love,

that I hope inspires you

but others

cast darkness

and shade everywhere,

the spread hate,

they spread fear

and I cant understand the way they feel,

I can not understand this appeal,

I’d rather love, than hate

and not destroy but create,

something that’s good,

wholesome and light,

to bring to the world through pure delight,

I don’t need their wars,

or their violence no more,

consciously I choose peace,

and I choose to imaginatively,

find the light and spirituality,

within me, so please join me.


Via: Daily Prompt: Create


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