She caught his eye

His breath was taken away by her,

Tight white jeans and little crop top,

Tanned skin he just could not stop,

Staring at her body and he did not,

Believe it was right though he was helpless,

Long flowing black hair looking like velvet.

A beautiful smile and a beautiful face,

Gliding around full of grace,

His heart was beating, he started to sweat,

She was the sexiest girl, he had ever met

And she had an air that suggests,

That she knew she was the best

And as he stared at the cleavage of her chest,

He thought he had never seen finer breasts.

Then sitting alone with his thoughts,

He wondered what if he been caught,

Staring that way people would think, 

He was depraved and desperate in every way,

Thats when he thought maybe it was wrong,

Of him to act that way all along

And then the guilt set in,

Then he thought it was a cardinal sin,

He thought looking was flattering

But may be instead it was lewd and disturbing.

So he made a pledge not to do it again,

He would rather not feel the shame,

Of lusting and objectifying women,

Even from a distant position,

For it devalued her worth,

And made him feel like dirt.


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