Shimmering haze

It’s summer time 

And the days are,

Getting so hot

And I get thinking,

Of the poems I can drop

To reflect these

Awesome days,

As I observe life

Through the shimmering 

Heat haze,

Because I live for

And I love these

Summer days,

Yeah chilling out

In our own way,

I go to the beach

Each and everyday

And that’s because 

I love the blue ocean

And kids playing on the sand 

And making a commotion,

I find myself just floating away

On these summer days,
Peering through the shimmering

Heat haze,

Watching my boy play.

And as I think about

These good times,

I know that there are

So many bad times

But this moment

I take a rest

And enjoy nature at its best

And I can spend time

Among the forests and trees,

Regale in its green 

Verdant beauty,

That is just up the road from me

And I understand that I am blessed

How can nature not impress,

With its dappled shade,

And it’s babbling streams

This is how summer effects me.

So as I sit and contemplate,

Theses summer days

And as I observe life

Through the shimmering heat haze,

I appreciate just how lucky 

I am to be alive

And to regale in these times,

I got happiness on my mind

At least for this moment in time,

I will just relax in the summer 

So fine, dropping poems on you,

With words of love and truth

In these summer days,

Observing life,

Through the shimmering heat haze.


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