They are the one…not

I see the guys hanging out

Acting like their the one

And in their own minds it’s true,

They are the one

And their women are second.

See them dressed fine

Smelling of the best Calvin Klein,

Hair gelled just so

They think they know,

All there is about women

Using them and then calling them

Bitches and ho’s

But because they say it don’t make it so,

They really need to grow

And see they’re far from the one,

In fact they’re more a number two

On the bottom of life’s shoe,

For they have no respect,

They think they are players,

Believing they’re the best

But they are nothing more,

The boys playing at being men

And failing badly,

Watching them acting sadly

Like they are dope,

When actually there is not much hope,

For them to ever see how pathetic 

And futile the lives they lead

Truly are when seen by others and me,

You’re not the one

And never will be,

As a man even I can understand

The gender we love as woman,

Deserve more than just your

Immature games that you act out

Along with your groups of fellow sad men.


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