Bottled love

Imagine love could be bottled 

And given to those in need

To those who say they have lost ito

To those who emotionally bleed

Would they use it to heal their wounds

Or store it up out of greed

To keep as as they can so they can sell it 

And define our society

As a humanity divided by people

Who are simply happy just to give

While others will only give things

If there is a profit in this.

So maybe it’s good love can’t be bottled

As many would exploit it

So those who are down and sad and lost it

Will never benefit from this

Which may leave them growing bitter

With resentment festering in their hearts

Because they lost their love and it can’t be renewed 

And it’s tearing them apart.

But love doesn’t need to be bottled

For its in the soul of everyone

It just feels at times that it’s long gone

So it must be found before to much damage is done.


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