Caught in the loop

I was caught in a loop of a self destructive cycle

That I had to break for my own survival,

Domesticated ways led me down the wrong path

Could have easily ended up a sociopath 

But I changed my ways and I shifted my view

From one that was distorted and definitely skewed

And I altered my own perceptions on life

Left behind me all the self destructive vice,

Living cleaner, purer and more respectfully,

I adopted and channelled whole new beliefs,

That have far more meaning and relate more to me

Now I no longer worry how others perceive me,

Call me weird, call me crazy,

I now don’t mind

For I now see the light to which I was blind

And I now feel the love that unconditional

And I am free from the loop that was irrational,

I now live a life that pleases me

And no longer live a life imposed on me

And as a result I am far more happy

And it all started with finding my own self determination 

And my own self belief.
Via: Daily Prompt: Loop


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