Fake society

They give us fear 

To keep us in place,

Our liberty and privacy they take,

In the name of our protection

I would like to make a correction,

It’s about controlling us

It’s about shutting us up,

It’s a way to make us tow the line,

We live in a society that defines

Everything by money,

Everything by wealth,

Sacrifice it’s people

For the nation’s health,

Fake news,

Fake wars killing us,

Like created fake terrorists,

Who were formed by money men

To make living seem a risk,

Surrendering our power 

To those who are in control,

If you’re not a critical thinker 

You will never know.

There bodies in the rubble

Of babies, mums and kids

But our robotic leaders barely even flinch,

They’re so detached from the people

And happy to be that way,

They repeat the same refrain 

Over and over again,

They control you with their money

And your material addiction

Control us all with debt

But this debt is  far stranger 

Then any  science fiction.

Banks were built on money of the people

And they used it against them

And of the back off of our earnings

They’ve piled up their wealth,

Now they live in ivory towers and mansion

That are gated,

Because they know if we wise up

They would be truly hated,

Vilified more than they are now

In a society built on lies,

Is it not about time that we started to defy,

Those who have created this fake  and unfair society,

One that will never work for the good of you or me,

Is it not about time we took the power back ourselves

And do this for the good of the people and all the global populations health.
No war

No greed

No hate

No more

More love

More peace

No fear

No more.


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