Assessment of humanity

I wonder at times if God 

Or theSource that is Creation

Whatever is your belief,

Looks down in this little earth 

And contemplates how we are doing?

Does he/she/It marvel at the advancements?

Or hang their heads at the poverty, corruption, war and greed.

Do they see still see the once fertile and beautiful earth that was?

Or the polluted choked up over populated mess that is now.

Do they see hope in our humanity?

Do they believe a change is needed and if so is it possible?

Or does God,

or the Source that is Creation

Whatever is your belief,

Think, ‘Wow I got that wrong when creating humanity’.

For he/she/it seemed to get everything else right and balanced.

Or are we like the Dinosuars?

Out of balance with all else and in need of extinction.

What will follow if that is the case?

I can see them now at the sketch pad 

Toiling over new ideas,

But still hoping we can change.

I can see them now,

Head in hands and full of self doubt.

To think maybe even God’s and Creation can get it wrong,

Lose something in the design,

Created something fatally flawed.

Maybe I sound to harsh,

We have achieved so many wonderful things

During humanities existence

But we have done so much that is wrong,

Destroyed much which is beautiful.

If I were God or Creation,

Whatever is your belief,

I too maybe tempted to start again,

On a fresh page,

Making a new start,

After all they have all eternity.


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