Give no quarter

Do not give no quarter 

For they will not,

They will take

Everything you got,

They will use and exploit you

Without conscience,

Suck you dry

And domesticate

Your conscious.

They will program you

To comply to their rules,

Use you as if 

You’re just their tool,

To advance their aims

To build on their greed,

Fight the wars

Increase the death toll

On which they feed.

These blood thirsty

Meglomaniacs who

Have control,

Love nothing more

Than when the blood flows,

For the sake of arms

And weapons sales increase,

To ramp up wars

Not to bring about peace.

So ask questions

And don’t be afraid,

To pile the pressure on them

Every step of the way,

To bring about

A change to life,

To end the wrongs

And promote right

And end their reign

Of corrupted might.


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