Support the Climate Bill

Basking and baked under the sun,

Summer used to be so much fun

But since the decision came to pass

That a bill on climate change would be a farce,

To those in power of corrupted ill,

They want to ensure the failure of the bill,

To ring up profits in their tills.

Consultations are recommended,

In Scotland the idea was befriended,

By those who understood the science,

But he ignorant few want to block the way,

Telling people that this was all just fear and hype,

That there will always be water in your pipes,

Creating images of families larking and frolicking,

In the clear blue sea,

And having fun leisurely. 

They do not however paint a true picture,

Of droughts and a lack of water,

Parched earth, failing crops,

Roads melting because it’s too hot,

Temperatures rising along with the seas,

Through polar ice melting, fact not theory

And those families kept off of the polluted beach

And cannot bathe because of too much plastic debris,

No fun and frolicking here too see,

Just abject pain and misery

Through overwhelming heat,

Not enough water to drink or food to eat,

Little or no help from the Europeans,

Who were cast aside with the Brexit it deal.

But wait until summer comes to and end,

Better have in place your flood defence,

As it goes to the other extreme

Burst banks of rivers and streams,

Wreaking havoc with people’s lives,

I have been a victim of flooding and it’s a blight,

Loss of possessions ruined property

Having to find other places to sleep,

The despair and the frustration,

As government cuts become even more brazen,

Leaving us all exposed the elements so extreme,

Wake up people this is a nightmare not a dream

But without a climate bill in place,

This could be the risks we face,

So get behind the environment 

Support our climate and our Earth,

Show those who oppose us our true strength and worth,

For the corporation’s are the curse

And we must protect our environment from them,

These greedy, grasping, profit men

And start by demanding a consultation in Scotland,

To ensure a climate bill fit to solve the problems,

That we could face from climate change,

To protect our environment for the future age.


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