I often need an escape for this reality,

I tune into learn lessons but it depresses me,

Left and right and all that stuff simply annoys me,

People with inflated egos all lying to me

And religions are no better with disputes over belief,

I’d prefers to live in a world where all original thought is free

And all views and beliefs tolerated

And accepted and respected of course  believe me

And where those are your unique thoughts

Not one installed through the subliminal

An  covertly conditionally taught

But where all information is independent

Freely learnt not forced.

Until then I tune and then tune out

As I feel is fit

But much of the time I will lose my self

In books and spiritual things,

I will lose myself in meditation

And lose my self in practice

And explore the universe and self

And discover my unknown conscious,

For there I find true grace and bliss,

And luminescent inner peace,

That is where I find my true spiritual conscious awakening.

But more important that is where I find unconditional love resides

And stand on the beach of tolerance

Bathing in compassionate tides.

Reality which is actually illusory

Is such a grey and tawdry thing,

So tuning out and tuning in operates at higher frequencies

Of beauty and creation of spirit and of soul

Where all thing living  things are respected

Be it young or be it old,

Are cherished as amazing

In stories that are long told.


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