Appreciate that which we have

I have witnessed amazing sunsets

And breathtaking dawns,

Seen the first blossoms appear on cherry trees

I have seen the beauty of nature as it’s born,

This is how I know it’s not our enemy

It seeks to give us all we need

Through its wonderment and it’s verdant schemes.

So we should all start nurturing nature,

Watch the sun rising more,

We should stop others exploiting nature,

Watch the sunset as the sun goes down once more

And sit still and breathe in nature,

Sit still and drink in the beauty,

And spend a moment between each thought,

Appreciating just how blessed we are,

For we are all miracles

Living in a miraculous world,

We are all miracles,

Living in a paradise on Earth,

So let’s show gratitude and appreciation,

Let’s all show some love,

For the greatest gift we have 

Is here and that is our Earth.


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