We are one of the same part

I find myself in the flow of solitude

On an evergreen hillside

Of beauty and verdency 

On a warm summer day 

As the breeze washed over me 

I feel the peace within

I feel as one with everything.

In this moment I take pauses

Between each breathe

And bathe in this tranquillity of now.

No sounds pierce the veil 

Yet I am still aware and awake

Still I tuned with all about me.

I hear and feel the breeze

The low babbling of a trickling stream

The gym of insects flying by

Busy with their lives

As I sit contemplating mine

In perfect synchronation with nature

Flowing at the perfect universal frequency

Feeling the gentle resonance of vibration.

In all of this I feel my mind still

I feel my soul residing in comfort

And my heart reaching out 

To unconditional love.

I see beauty in all things

And know that everything existing

Does so as one through creation.

Thus I create with my mind within

I need no external stimuli or source

For I create everything that I am

And the exists around me.

I am part of everything 

And it is a part of me.

Indivisible, inseparable

Part of all universal and spiritual being.


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