Heart attack

He had a pulmonary embolism at the sight of beauty,

he was struck down by the sight of her body,

she was tall she was lean and a sultry dream,

to this man who had visions of which it seemed

defined in every way her to be the perfect human being,

like the way that she expressed herself and how she walked,

he could listen to for hours as she talked.

He was totally amazed by her physical perfection

gym toned, worked out is there any more to mention,

he loved the way she consciously aware

took many chances that others would not dare,

floated along with grace, as if she was on air

and every where she was he wanted to be there,

she was his ideal dream is warrior, goddess, queen,

he was sure though every body else saw what he’s seen.

Her compassion and love were also well known

she had an air of inner peace that made he warm not cold,

an empathetic spirit with a golden soul,

meant she was not just a little awesome, to him she was the whole.


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