Don’t tolerate the intolerable 

If we tolerate the exploitation 

If humanity and the environment 

If we simply sit and watch without fuss

Then that lays the guilt on all of us

If we fail now how can we look

Future generations in the eye

And say we fought and protected

Everything that should be seen as special

As caretakers of this planet

And as humanitarians 

Can we honestly say that we have been

Fit and suitable guardians

Yet there is still a chance a hope

To save the bees

And to stop wars

To end the fracking 

Find the peace

And end pollution of air, land and sea

For everywhere there is a cause

Because we have let so much slip

And the starting point is to change

And to do this in love and peace’s name

And create a world that tolerates

Not abuse and exploitation

But reconciliation, healing and understanding 

The task is difficult and demanding

Because we are starting from such a low base

But these are issues we have to face

To be better than we are now

To find more love and compassion somehow

To ensure this world is a better place

For those who inherit it in our place

To realise the importance of this work

And to understand humanity’s 

And the environments worth

And nurture as well as cherish it

In a form of devout kinship

That will grow and prosper for ever more

With love, peace and compassion at the core.


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