Garden party

He decided to throw a garden party

With the neighbours and that was fine

But perhaps when eating we consumed to much wine

And we all got drunk out of our minds

As the night then drew in his neighbours wife

In a state if rack and ruin passed out on our sofa

Completely out and wouldn’t wake to the morning no doubt.

So in a day double vision way

He went to look for my wife to say

‘That our neighbour had passed out on the couch

Not to wake til morning no doubt.’

Also he needed to let her hubby know

But we’re they both was a range they were not on show 

Staggering up the garden path

He heard a whole unseemly rafts

Of noises from the gazebo

He crept up in slyly looked in

And there was his gorgeous wife

Being taken by their neighbour from behind

Dress up around her waist

Undies down around her knees

And what he was doing clearly pleased.

He watched as they both formulated

In waves of lust, passion, they mated

As if they would never again

Both going for it in a rough and ready way

Sweat was pouring off them both

He took her all the ways she loved most

Even he began to lose count

Of how many times they worked out.

Then finally they stopped 

He went back to his seat and dropped 

As if asleep but they didn’t seemed shocked

Then his wife asked did you enjoy the display

We knew you were there ok

And embarrassed he said ‘it looked great’

His mind raced it was true, what else could he say

They both smiled she said ‘that’s fine

Would you like to see more from time to time’s

And though he knew it was wrong he agreed

For he really enjoyed his wife being lusty

With another man

It drove him wild and although others may call him weird

He smiled at the memories that were now within his head

And he let them know from him they were blessed


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