Not always so proper

As he wrote a letter of love to his love interest

his quill quivered for even in these times of old

men were driven by passion and desire

that raised the temperatures higher

and though modesty was the woman’s way

there were still yearnings that they craved

and though trying to remain very proper

these women and men still came a cropper

and succumbed oft times to lust thoughts

that led them into morale decline

which back then was almost demonically inclined

yet love is love and lust is lust and people will do

whatever they feel or think they must

and sate the desire within their being

so many Victorians had this secret and unbridled

way of life that was hidden away yet full of spice

and because back then it was riskier than now

it made it more dangerous yet passionately wild somehow

and that is why he quivered with his quill

when he wrote his letter letting his heart and thoughts spill

about his love and lust to the object of desire

for it stoked up his passionate deep seated fire.


Via Daily Prompt : Quill


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