Suburban secrets

The taste of each other 

On the tips of their tongues,

Sent their bodies writhing

They twisted, contorted and turned,

They both felt the flow

Of the essence flood out,

Both in a grip of a physical workout,

That sent energy and passion 

Careering through their being,

To very good friends

Sharing heated intimacy,

That overcome them in a moment

Of desperate need,

Both clinging to each other

Relishing the seed,

Of time spent experiencing

Something the had not done before

Rolling and grinding there on the floor,

In one of their houses,

The family home

But what was happing in this moment 

Would never be known,

Except by these two souls

Who wanted to try,

Something very different 

To add excitement to life

And as the noises grew louder 

And the perspiration soon peaked,

Both of these bodies reached that moment they seeked,

A climactic conclusion to this physicality

That led to their moans and their muffled screams,

Highlighting the excitement and achieving the dream.


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