A minority of people agitate

Use different issues to stir up hate,

Like race, gender, religious or political beliefs

They poison the peace and the harmony.

They do this to divide,

They do this to distract the mind,

Because they know the power of the people cannot be denied

But they are the ones that crave the power,

So they work every moment hour by hour,

To set us all against each other time and again

And instil negative thoughts within our brains,

That cast self doubt and doubts about others,

Turns humanity in haters rather than lovers,

Then they introduce the concept of greed

And then we see the germination of the destructive seed.

Reject all you hear and what you see

Through the media papers and the TV,

They’re part of the problem

Not the solution,

What we need right now is an intellectual revolution,

Where we question everything 

And think for ourselves,

Where we learn to dig deeper

Don’t be frightened to delve,

See the mechanations and the games

Of the meglomanic few who design life this way.


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