New world order

I have had enough of systems built on hate

I have had enough of them trying to narrate,

Excerpts from Mein Kampf like we all forgot,

The Jew hating Nazi’s from the second world war,

It seems the right wing fascists are now claiming power

And accumaling greed from their ivory towers,

Putting down the innocent and those who are not social elite

Using immigration to repeat,

The same mantra that Hitler used

Their taking your jobs, houses and women too,

It’s an age old tactic and is xenophobic

And turns people into fucking sheep

And the next thing you know everybody’s hating

And celebrating splendid isolation

And it allows them to use their power and their greed,

To sow a New World Order seed,

Where they have total control

And you become slaves,

No way out now because no one can hear what you say,

They will have censored every outlet

For you to make yourself heard,

Welcome to the new  Fascistic 3rd Reich World.


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