Won’t be made to conform

People always want to tell me

What is best for me

As an anarcho spiritual punk hippy,

They no nothing about me

They don’t know what makes me tick

And they don’t try one little bit

They just tell me to conform

To accepted social norms

And because I don’t they treat me like a freak

They seem to think it makes me weak

But call me crazy call me weird

That’s just me and my thoughts are clear.

I live my life in the spiritual

I live my life to my accord

I believe in love and peace

Compassionate is the mindful state I breathe

It’s not my concern if you don’t agree

Try to put me in a box

You better ensure its got good locks

For I will break out and break free

Because like all I am unique

And I will not be tied down

I am not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


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