Who knows

When she wears those  fitness clothes,

He knows, he knows,

Just how it goes,

That other men will watch her so

He contours and curves

And how they flow,

He knows and she knows

The the attention grows,

The more she moves and bends and flows,

To rhythm of methodical beat

Of her exercise routine

And she knows, she knows,

It excites her so,

Watching them watch her

As her essence flows,

Feels the eyes burn in to her flesh,

She knows, he knows and so do the rest,

As imaginations and fantasies run wild, 

She knows, he knows, they know,

What it is they would like to do

To see her, feel her and use her too,

She knows, he knows, they do not know,

He would like to see them make her moan

And ache and writhe in such desire

He knows, she knows,

And it ignites both their fires,

A fantasy to one day be full filled

He knows, she knows, they want others to know.


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