This could be us

Let’s us delve into each other’s labyrinth,

Let’s us both taste each other’s essences,

Let’s both bathe in each other’s desires,

Let us both be seared by the heat of our passionate fires,

Come to me and be anointed in my unconditional love,

Open yourself up and expose to me your uncompromising lust

And we can be each other’s temptation incarnate

And dwell in the luminescence of our sweet bliss and grace,

For this is what love is

And this is what I offer,

So don’t keep holding back,

Just give yourself to me,

Now and forever and all eternity,

Because we share the bond of being created universally,

So surrender to me,

I will set your soul free,

Surrender to me and be what each other needs,

The fruitful satisfaction of our bodies and minds in action,

Synchronised as one,

Engaged in love.


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