Savour the spiritual 

Let me savour your essence 

Let me taste our soul,

Let me gorge on your heart

Like I am out of control,

Let me ravage you spiritually

And drink you in deep,

Let me savour your beauty

And your physical form,

Until your essence flowing

Becomes the norm,

In a spiritual, universal, cosmic way

As we connect among the stars,

And engage in creative play.


3 thoughts on “Savour the spiritual 

  1. Beautifully written ! But I would like to add here that besides knowing how to meditate , its equally important to know that how to handle spiritual experiences -both your own as well as those that you keep on hearing/reading !

    So here’s another one from Spiritual Series (Featured yet again on :

    “Don’t Hallucinate,Just Meditate ” – (5 Minute read )

    Would love hear your feedback ! 🙂

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