An angels search

I saw the steel in her being 

Felt the courage in her spirit,

I could envisage the bravery 

Running through her bloodstream,

Man, this woman was tough.

She was beauty, she was kindness,

She was compassion, she was love,

She was sexy, she was sultry,

She for many was to much,

And she was everything anyone could ever want

But she never gave it up,

To anyone who was not worthy

Of matching her spiritual love.

She didn’t care for men with money

She did not care for men of power and strength,

She only cared for men who were lovers,

Of the same spiritual intent,

Who want her mind, body and spirit

And who could be divinely intense,

She though tough, could be comforting,

She could seem like an angel, heaven sent

She was looking for her twin flame,

She was searching for somebody to make her whole,

Somebody who would complete her

Someone who shared her ancient soul,

Because she was looking for her soul mate,

Someone who had a similar spiritual taste,

For passion and for unconditional love,

To join her in a transcended state.


4 thoughts on “An angels search

  1. This is beautiful and inspires me so much!!! For months, I was obsessed with finding my twin flame… then I kind of stopped. I realized if I cannot keep myself warm in my own fires, I’ll just keep burning myself. Just yesterday, though, I heard Terence McKenna say “find the others” and it lit me up. Maybe I’m not as alone as I think.

    Thank you for your poetry always giving me company, Fauxcroft.

    Liked by 1 person

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