We all all genders

Transgender label confuses me

When we are just created from light and energy

That is constructed from a masculine and feminine alliance

To label yourself anything is a form of self compliance 

What does it matter to others who you say you are

In this illusory world we all just play parts

Why is there a need to be defined

Or to be gender reassigned 

I mean I respect your rights to be who you believe you are

But to me you are a shining unique star

No matter what gender you say you are

But you should try being the thing you actually are 

Not emasculated and chained by your own identity crisis game

You divide yourself from others and divide yourself

How can this be good for your health

When accepting you are just a unique spiritual being

And realise that is is so much more freeing

Than trying to conform to something that in part you already are

Made up from matter and made up from stars

You are all things to everything which is better by far 

And accepting this is just the start of a new life of significant change

That will transcend your thinking and


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