Smile more

It always amazes me

That in the darkest moments,

That people have to live in 

And suffer in this world,

They always find time to smile and laugh,

For the human spirit is hardy indeed

And even though it finds itself in real need,

It perserveers regardless no matter what

As if it’s exuberance for life cannot be stopped,

I see these people from different cultures

Celebrating traditions founded long ago

And I see the smiles and the enjoyment,

That they get out of just living.

It’s amazing to me that you’ve never had anything,

You can’t miss having everything,

I wonder how that happens in reverse

If going from having everything to nothing hurts,

I think it’s right to count our blessings,

I think it’s right to focus on the real things in life,

Like being happy and not worrying about money,

Like excepting the ordinary day to day to be alright

And just remembering to smile.


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