Universal seed

You were once a seed planted in the soil of the universe,

You were once the greatest potential for this earth,

Standing up for justice, peace and liberty,

Promoting Love, compassion and tolerance. 

What happened to that seed planted in the universal soil,

We’re you poisoned or just distracted,

Now your sleepwalking through an illusory life

And you think money, material possessions and drugs

Will make it all right.

Deluded you are a victim of the estabĺishment,

Divided into races by religion, media and governments,

You could be so much more than you are

Raise yourself up and let people know just who you are,

Be the spiritual righteous change,

Fight for the environment in Mother Earths name,

Be the seed that blossoms into the most awesome flower,

Be the change and help people regain the power.
Via: Daily Prompt: Soil


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