Ecologically inept

Verdant green are the meadows and trees,

A wondrous testament of our nature

As well as our ecology,

Lush and beautiful, evolved from creations seed,

I am held still by that which I see.

Yet humanity seems to feel

The constant addictive need,

To exploit and abuse this for the greedy men,

Without realizing killing bees could lead to our end,

There is no place for plastic in our seas

Or the destruction of the coral reefs,

No place for pesticides in the sky

Polluting and killing creatures on land and those that fly,

As too, cutting down the ancient colossus trees,

Will in the end make it hard for us to breathe,

Why would anyone want to destroy all Mother Earth’s beauty?

Why would they want to infect our ecology?

With the poisons and chemicals we are forced to eat and breathe,

Will it take until there are no more trees,

No more fish in the sea

And wildlife to become extinct,

Before we understand just what we have achieved,

Turned this once paradise we called Eden 

Into a concrete, shanty like jungle,

Overpopulated and unable to move,

Lacking water as well as food,

A demonstration of how to get it wrong,

By strangling the environment and stifling nature’s song.


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