Self Destruct

Disastrous is a world today

as we see on the TV by the death and decay

brought upon the innocent who have no interest

in the corporate, government, religious zest

to a mass power and obscene wealth

no matter the how much killing and murder has to be dealt

collateral damage that is how they view us

pawns in their game and they just use us.

Bodies lying in bombed out streets

I see Mothers, Fathers, children weep

for the loss and the suffering

I can’t believing we are do nothing.

People having to flee their homes

then subjected to the fascist tones

because they are now far away from home

immigrants for fleeing for their lives from a war zone

They are reaping destruction on this earth

in the form of oil drilling and fracking for all their worth

they it’s to develop new energy

what they actually mean is they have found a new vain to bleed

that will line their pockets and make them rich beyond their dreams

and they are not worried if all their schemes

lead to the decline and the end of this earth

as long as achieved an obscene nett worth.

This destruction of humanity

this destruction environmentally

can’t continue and should not be allowed

but it will as long as we stayed cowed

voiceless and to distracted by media and material things

and all those z list actors from reality TV.

We need to stand up

we need to say ‘NO MORE’,

We need to stand up and say ‘NO MORE WAR’

we need to stand up and be counted

we need to stand up and be astounding

we need to bring an end to all this savagery

we need to put an end to this mentality

that some how these problems are to big for us

we got to start taking back control and start causing a fuss

for at this very moment we are on a course to self destruct.


Via: Daily Prompt: Destruction




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