She loved emotions

He played them all,

He made her feel one moment happy,

The next moment he made her feel so small,

He played her emotions,

Made her feel safe

And then feel scared,

He taught her to be self aware

Then closed her mind, as if nothing was out there.

She cried,

She laughed,

As he made her feel every part,

Of positive emotions

And those of negativity,

He coaxed he to accept the evil things,

Then forced her into divine belief,

Sanctified and demonized,

Living in truth,

Yet feeling the lies,

He made her feel the passion

Then he showed how to be so cold,

To live with so much benevolence 

And then without a soul.

He played her emotions

And she enjoyed the fact he did,

But maybe in the end she was just a mixed up kid,

Who failed to understand all that he did.


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