Self imposed captivity

I found you

Locked in a tower in a castle,

Hidden away

From life and reality,

You never knew how good 

Freedom could be,

So I set myself the task, 

Of setting you free

But there were these gates

That seemed to well secured,

Hard to breech

But I remained self assured,

I could open them.

So I caught your eye

And you saw me from inside,

Gazing up at you

And we exchanged a smile,

And I offered you

A way out of that tower,

I offered you a whole new different view

And you liked the idea

And so I tried to break down the gates,

Hoping to get to you

But there was nothing I could do,

For they just would not move

And so I took a step back and thought

Maybe what if it is not force that I need 

but for you to acquiesce

For you to let me in,

Trapped there within your own fears,

And when I asked you to trust and let me in,

The gates started slowly opening,

And then you were free

Because you believed and trusted

And you are now free,

Because you found the self belief,

To free yourself from your own captivity

Allowing us to run free,

To seek a whole new life,

To break free,

And live long and happily,

Ever after,

And forever free.
Via; daily prompt: gates


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