Golden sunset

Sunsets of brilliance, they are so golden

In days of past, the memories embolden, 

The spirit of the courageous men

Who seeks to find the answers,

Within the soul of his own being 

And the universe eternal.

We sit and watch the flame colours

As the sky set a flame the horizons

And in the caverns deep within our minds,

We look for home, from where we all came from

The source that is creation is burned within our dreams

Remember how amazing life can be.

Yet as the light sets, in the luminescent afterglow,

It radiates from our hearts and deep inside our souls,

The night may beckon but I will no longer fear it,

Because I have learnt that through love we can embrace this.

So hold firm and hold together in unity

Come together and gather in spiritual community 

We shall wait and rise in the first mornings dawn

Remembering we are first of the miracles that is creation born

And remember things we forgot long years ago.


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