This is my home

I look out of my window on the universe

I see so many things that amaze me

The window that I see it through

Is from a meditative state

A place of stillness, a place of grace.

As I look out through this window

I look out into space space

I see crystals growing 

And the galaxy’s in a fractal state

Chaotic yet somehow still at peace

I see quasars, I see shooting stars

I see nebulae and comets from afar

I see star field nurseries

But what I mostly see is the matrix that forms you and me

What I do believe is this is home

That somewhere out there, in this universe

In a conscious state is our spiritual place.

This is home, no matter how far I roam

We are multidimensional spirits who venture alone

On a voyage of discovery

Within our conscious mind we search the illusory 

To teach us lessons we can learn in reality

This I know, this is my home,

This I know, even though we roam

I visit frequently my universal home

Using my conscious mind

I travel far from home

But will come back one day

When I have learnt what it is I need to know.


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