Tree of meditation 

Dima Yastronaut

I meditate among the trees

Sitting her in tranquillity,

Feeling and sensing how it grew

From a seed and soon sprang roots,

And grew into this mighty tree

A testament of nature,

That we need so we can breathe

It does this for us,

Yet what do we offer in return.

Just the usual cut them down

And then just burn them,

We see them nothing other than a resource

Put here for our own ends,

Like nature created everything around us

If you believe this you are deluded my friend,

Mother Nature with creation, created balance

And its humanity thats putting this in jeopardy.

I sit here and meditate amongst the trees

And it now seems so very clear to me,

We need to cherish nature and nurture trees,

For reasons more than they just help us breathe,

For its all about the balance they bring

And as sentient human beings,

We should our intelligence and see

Where we fit in nature,

And stop simply exploiting it,

Stop destroying it,

become a part of it,

Start understanding this,

Meditate on it

And you di you will find the truth for yourself

And understand that we need nature for our health,

More than our wealth.

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