Addictive ways

I lived lives around those

Who spun out out of control,

They had addictive personalities

That could not be resolved

And it led their destruction

And there was nothing anyone could do

And they crashed and they burned

And their light went out too soon.

Why are we always trying to find new ways

To destroy ourselves?

Why do we keep rendering ourselves beyond help?

What is it with not feeling satisfied with life,

When all we need to do is live it good

And live it right.

Addiction appears to me a way of filling the cracks,

Trying to overcome weaknesses

Or aspects of life we lack,

Addiction is a way to deal with things we can’t control,

To help forget past issues that they cannot resolve.

There seems no answers,

There seems no help,

Beyond yourselves.

There is a need for you,

To take control of life,

But its easy to say that than do,

When you ain’t up against that

And this I understand

But beyond that I am lost

And just can’t find a plan.

So more lights go out

And loved scream and shout,

In futile desperation

And tears are cried,

As you destroy your life

And we have to wait for your light to out.


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