From my window

The view I see out of my window

is the same view I see each day,

people sitting outside houses

children all at play,

cars parked on the driveways

or huddled on the kerb,

people talking about things

that others may feel absurd

and I at times i walk by and past them,

acknowledging their hello’s

but sometimes I just sit and people watch

from my 2nd floor town house window.

Some of my neighbors don’t work

and sit around waiting for something to happen,

some like me do work and on the way home

stop for a while chatting,

there is no judgment, just different way so living life

and I sit amused by the habits and the aspects of others lives,

yet amused though I am, it’s in a warm and friendly way.

I like all of these people and they seem to like me,

We all help each other, when we are in need,

I wonder why this can’t be so throughout all society.

There is no confrontations or hoodlums in this street

I guess that is not always so and so I guess we are lucky.

This street I live is a traditional street

as much as it can be,

with most people living each day

few have aspirations and dreams,

they are simply dealing with the everyday grind of life

the best way that they can,

this is what I see from my window and on the whole it is alright.


Via:Daily prompt: Traditional



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