Well we should be,

For we are the dirty

Polluting humanity,

Not just on land but also at sea,

We are atrociously

And disgustingly,

Lacking in environmental ecology.

We destroy the reefs

And we over fish

But the worst thing we do

Is polluting everything,

From chemtrails

To pesticides to GM foods,

Which on shelves reside

In the supermarket chains

The whole world wide.

Why do we find the need,

To put our rubbish in the sea

Pump out effluent,

As far as the eye can see.


Well we should be

Of our shameful dirty humanity,

Living on the world

As if we are fleas,

Cockroach living beings,

Living in our rubbish tips

That we created,

We are not advanced

Just masquerading,

Unless we clean up our act

It’s a sad and poignant fact,

That we need to join together

And make a pact,

To sort out this earth

For all its worth,

For we’ve only this home

And now we’re in the lurch.


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