pondering over a Cup of tea

I sit and pondered and stewed on life

over my cup of strong tea,

I sit here and I wonder

to myself why is it we believe,

everything we are told

via the media and TV,

run by oligarchs who are exploiting you and me.

I sit here pondering as my tea stews

why are we as gullible as this

do we not give ourselves enough credit,

for being able to think for ourselves.

Why is this I ask myself

while sipping on my cup of tea,

that we are capable of following

oligarchs words like sheep,

we have the intelligence I am sure of that

to do our own thinking,

and to realise that xenophobia is wrong

and hating is for the weak,

that there is no place in our lives

for jealousy and envy

and that all that glitters is not always gold

and our addiction to material greed,

is an attachment that will see us

and all humanity crumble to dust

and then be lost to the ground.

These were some thoughts over a cup of tea,

I had in my head and I required no one else to answer them

for I am self taught and self led.


Via: Daily Prompt: Tea



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