The shallow grave

is where she lays,

put there by a man

twisted and depraved,

in a forest of such beauty

ironic when you think

about the cruelty,

he inflicted upon her,

the lifeless remains

will never again stir,

from the uncaring

unforgiving resting place,

put there because of

so much hate,

towards women.

Because he is twisted,

she needed to die,

he insisted

but only to himself,

for he hides his crime

like his shame,

hides his face away ,

as he walked from her

shallow grave,

maybe nature

or creation had

something to say,

as he got in his car

and drove away,

he spun off the road

not seeing the sign displayed,

‘Warning deer crossing’,

into a ditch his car went

the metal suffered dents,

but a branch through

the window went,

like divine retribution

into his head

and he now would

for a time reside,

in the forest

in that ditch

on the roadside,

quiet and lonely

where few go,

he too would now

decompose, ever so slow,

like his victim,

oh, what synchronicity,

karma sometimes,

can be swift and life brief.

Via: Daily Prompt: Shallow


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