The paranormal investigator

In the bleak dark ebony night

She felt the fear

She felt the fright

Her stomache knotted

Her muscles tight

As she walked slowly

From room to room

Checking that each was absent of doom

And in the darkness in the gloom

She to her relief returned soon

Back to the door where she entered this house

This one she was told that ghosts and demons shout

She had her theories she had her doubts

And to this end they had been borne out

And looking out from the doorway to the street

At the flickering lamplight

Where she heard cars tyres screeched

She smiled as though her doubts had been justified

Put a cigarette in her mouth

And lit a match cupped her hands and lit the cigarette inside.

Taking a gasp she straightened her back

Sad that again proof was lacked

To back up the story that this house was possessed

Just a figment of a mind obsessed

Taking one step forward

She felt the cold hands on her neck

She instinctively knew what was coming next

A tear stained her cheek

As the snap sounded out

Almost echoing it was so loud

Then her body pulled back in through the door

And she was not seen anymore

Just the burning remnants of a cigarette on the floor

Told a story that this house had stolen one life more.


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