Anonymous people

Exposing the truth,

Get the facts out there

For me and you,

To see what’s really happening

To expose all the greedy, corrupt people do.

They go out and find

And dig down and find the truth,

It should not be down to them to do

But they know if they don’t no one else will.

Investigative journalism no longer exists,

Not now the oligarchs insist

That there be no free and independent press,

They all take sides and tell us what’s best.

So don’t expect any truth from them

They will never again bring down governments,

Or expose corporation’s for being rotten to the core,

Or to support a fight worth fighting for.

They see rebellion call it anarchy,

Call protesters thugs and thieves,

If you want honesty believe me,

This is not something you will see in the press or on your TV screens.

So it’s left to anonymous types and whistleblowers,

To find and expose the truth in life,

Hail them and the good they do,

In fighting to expose the truth.


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