Symphonies of being

I hear symphonies resonating throughout the spiritual realms,

I hear violin concerto’s as my mind begins to dwell,

into universal spaces that have gateways to our dreams,

I love the sound of music and the sacred symphonies,

echoing back me, through creativity,

sounds that are haunting me and yet are pure in simplicity.

Through the storms and through the hard times, the tunes they stay with me,

through my astral flight and thoughts of wondrous fantasies

and I listen to the rhythm and I hear the subtle beat

and I find it being reflected through my heart felt poetry,

that may lack literary skills that other people have,

but I make up for this because of the symphonies and flow and rhythm in the back,

that I hope people can connect to, as I put it out into the voids,

of universal consciousness that then manages to deploy,

itself in the brain, and will stay with you forever and never go away,

for my love and life is a symphony of musical exuberance

and I want it to become present in poetry like a protuberance,

for all is creativity and all this originates from creation

and as I write and put down all my thoughts it stirs me with elation,

so don’t let the symphony ever end, embrace it and feel it as spiritually sent,

for there is no greater feeling in life that to feel good and to feel the rhythm exploding

and for it to be understood,

as the symphony of our being, as the voice of creation singing

and giving to us the inspiration,

instilling us with the aspirations,

to feel the love and create peace

though the music of the everlasting, universal symphony

that means so much to me and in which i do believe.


Via :Daily Prompt: Symphony



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